IRS Phone Scams

Top Ways To Avoid IRS Phone Scams

While it may seem like an unlikely way to target people due to spam blocking technology and caller ID, phone call scams are just as popular as ever, and unfortunately, they are still thriving.


With the tax season underway, IRS phone scams are popping up everywhere, and it is essential to know the signs of fraud so that your business does not fall victim to one. Here are the top ways to identify and avoid an IRS phone scam:


The Caller Demands Payment By Prepaid Debit Card


If the caller claims to be from the IRS and is calling to collect a payment, this is an instant red flag. The IRS will not contact you by phone to collect fees until several letters have been sent to your business address first. If you have not received any paperwork, this is likely a scam.

IRS Phone Scams

Also, it is popular for IRS phone scammers to demand payment via prepaid debit card. This is an easy way for them to steal money from you without having to ask for company credit card information.


The Caller Refuses To Answer Questions


If the IRS is contacting you, you may likely have questions regarding your payment amount, a pending payment, and more. If your business receives a call, but the caller refuses to answer questions about the amount you owe, then this is likely a scam.


The IRS will always answer your questions and allow you to appeal the amount they say you owe.


The Caller Threatens To Involve The Police


If a scammer contacts your business, only to have you tell them that you think the call is a scam, they’ll likely get angry and threaten to call the police. This is a tell-tale sign that this is an IRS phone scam and should not be taken seriously. The IRS would not threaten to involve local authorities.


The Caller Asks For Important Information Via Phone


One of the top ways to identify IRS phone scams is if the person on the other end asks for your Social Security number or credit card information over the phone. If this happens to you, do not provide any information, hang up immediately, and report this incident to the IRS.


If you believe that your business has been the target of an IRS phone scam, it is suggested that you contact the IRS immediately. Consider sending an email by clicking the link here or visiting the IRS website for more information.


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